Swedish Massage

The classic. A general massage which involves a range of pressure from light to deep and provides the benefits of pain relief and relaxation. Swedish Massage also improves sleep, increases range of motion and flexibility, and assists with maintaining your health.


Trigger Point Therapy

A trigger point is an area of dysfunction within a muscle which causes a radiating pain to other areas of the body. Our expert therapists use techniques specifically designed to release tightness and muscle spasms which can cause a trigger point. This results in relaxation of the muscle, pain relief, and restoration of function to the surrounding tissues.


Deep Tissue Massage

A must for those suffering from sports-related injuries. Slow moving strokes and deep pressure are a great way to increase range of motion, ease stiffness, and release restrictions in the body. Deep tissue massage has even been proven to increase performance among competitive athletes.


Myofascial Release

Commonly referred to as MFR. Myofascial Release is a form of bodywork which utilizes slow, sustained, and light pressure to relieve restrictions found within the fascia of the muscle tissue. This technique is perfect to free up tightness from scar tissue or chronic injuries.


Lymphatic Drainage

An excellent technique for anyone recovering from post op surgery. Our therapists stimulate movement of the lymphatic system within the body by employing a specialized "light touch" technique. This is also a great way to reduce swelling from excessive heat, poor diet, or sickness.



Performed by a certified Reiki Master, this unique energy healing utilizes chi energy to assist the client in healing. Clients are clothed during the process and may experience sensations including heat, cold, or tingling. 


Energetic Systems Maintenance

Also known as ESM. This is a highly specialized system of healing which uses kinesiology & body meridians to restore the body from minor deficiencies to peak operating efficiency. During this process the client is clothed and either sitting or lying down.

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